Beginning with K & L | Idioms & Phrases | General English for Competitive Exams

Idioms and Phrases beginning with K & L 

1. Keep the wolf from the door – To have enough money to be able to ward off poverty or hunger.

2. Kill two birds with one stone – Accomplish two different things at the same time.

3. Keep your chin up – Be stalwart and courageous in a tough situation.

4. Keep fingers crossed – Hope the things will happen in the way you want them to.

5. Keep at arm’s length – Keep a distance, avoiding intimacy or familiarity.

6. Keep an eyes on him – You should carefully watch him.

7. Keep body and soul together – To earn a sufficient amount of money in order to keep yourself alive.

8. Knee Jerk reaction – A quick reaction that doesn’t allow you time to consider something carefully.

9. Knock on wood – Knuckle tapping on wood in order to avoid some bad luck.

10. Kick the bucket – Sad news ! He kicked the bucket.

11. Lend me your ear – To politely ask for someone’s full attention.

12. Let bygones be bygones – To forget about disagreement or argument.

13. Let the cat out of the bag – To share a secret that wasn’t suppose to be shared.

14. Level Playing field – A fair competition where no side has an advantage.

15. Long in the tooth – Rather old.

17. In clod blood – In a planned way and without pity or other emotion.

18. In the blink of an eye – In an instant.

19. In black and White – Formally, on paper and in writing.

20. In the good books – Be in somebody’s favour or good opinion.

21. In high spirits – With joy

22. In apple pie order – Clean and Arranged.

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