Former Disney executive Dave Hollis dies at 47

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14th February, 2023 (GMT-5)

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Dave Hollis, who had previously served as an executive at Disney and was the president of the company's global distribution division, passed away at 47 in his Austin, TX residence.

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Although the exact cause of his death is not determined, Hollis had been admitted to the hospital recently due to heart-related problems.

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Hollis became the theatrical distribution chief at Disney in 2011 after the retirement of veteran executive Chuck Viane.

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He had played a key role in relaunching the Star Wars franchise, as well as the Avengers series, Frozen, and Ryan Coogler's highly successful superhero movie, Black Panther.

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Under his leadership, Disney studio achieved unparalleled box office expansion and was the first studio to surpass the $7 billion milestone in worldwide ticket sales in 2016.

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Hollis also wrote self-help books named, "Get Out of Your Own Way", "Built Through Courage: Face Your Fears to Live the Life You Were Meant For" and 

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