Understanding All about All Saints Day and All Souls Day

In the month of November, two special days are commemorated throughout the Catholic Church, namely, All Saints Day, on November 1, and All Souls Day, on November 2.

When we recite the Creed, we profess the “Communion of Saints”. This belief is celebrated on All Saints Day.

Those of our brethren who are already in heaven and those of us who are still here on earth, and living in union with God and one another, make up the “Communion of Saints”.

Those who are already with the Lord are our own brothers and sisters, our protectors and intercessors.

These include those who are proclaimed as Saints and raised to the honours of the altar by the Church

We venerate with great devotion St Francis Xavier, St Anthony, St Joseph Vaz, St Teresa of Calcutta, and many others whom we hold in great esteem, with a fervent desire to emulate them.

Thus, when we celebrate All Saints Day, we join them in praising the Triune God, and seeking their intercession for us.

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